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New Sound: Water Feature Wall

Our local library has a reading garden - a little fenced in area outside the library with lots of trees, benches, tables and chairs, and a little "river" flowing through it.  It's quite a tranquil place to spend some time on a sunny day, and our kids love to walk (or run) around it, hide in the trees, and watch the water flowing by.  One day while our youngest son (the one who had colic as a baby, and who was the whole reason I started recording white noise in the first place) was playing quietly in the garden, I decided to grab a recording of the "Water Feature Wall" - a rock wall that has a few water spouts that empty onto a metal grate covered with smooth rocks.  The recording is about 37 seconds long, and at a couple of points you can hear the clack of rocks as my son was playing around with them.

You can download the sound directly from the Free White Noise Sounds site, or use the mirror at Megaupload.  I hope you enjoy the sound and that it works well for whatever you need it for.

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