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New sound: park river

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This month's sound is a recording of a river at my family's favourite park.  This park has a bridge running over one part of the river, and one day in early September when we were walking over the bridge, I decided to grab a brief recording of the river.  I also took a few pictures of it, one of which can be seen above.

This sound is 51 seconds in length and 1.07 MB in size.  You can download it directly from the Free White Noise Sounds website, or from the mirror at Mediafire.  I hope you enjoy this sound, and I'll be back near the end of next month with another one.


New Sound: rain from inside storage shed

I'm going to try to put up one new sound every month, unless I acquire a severe backlog of new sounds like I had last month (although I believe it was mainly not posting in about 15 months that actually caused that backlog, so it's not likely to happen again if I stick to this).  This month's sound was recorded one day in July.  After I had finished mowing the lawn, it began to rain quite heavily, so when I went to put the lawnmower back in the storage shed, I decided to grab a recording of the rain.  This one sounds a little harsher and louder than the three other rain sounds I've already put up.  If my notes are correct, this is also the last sound from the first White Noise Megamix to be put up separately, so the next sound I put up will be something brand new.

This file is 33 seconds in length and about 710 KB in size.  You can download it directly from the website or from the mirror at Mediafire.  I hope you enjoy it.  I always like to know how my sounds are being used, so please leave a comment or send me an email if you feel like it.

Any requests for what the next sound should be?  Something from inside the house or outside?  Let me know if there's anything you'd like to hear that isn't already up, and I shall do my best to accommodate.


New Sound: rainstorm at night

I have added another new sound to the Free White Noise Sounds site.  "Rainstorm at night" is a one-minute, loopable recording of a rainstorm that I made from my porch about a year ago.  It seems to be quite a bit louder than the other rainstorm sound that has been up there for a while now, which is nice if you want a little bit of variety in your white noise recordings.

You can download the 1.25 MB .wav file directly from the site or from its mirror at Mediafire.  I hope you have been enjoying these new sounds that I've put up recently.  Please let me know how they're working for you, and if you've got any requests for other sounds you'd like to hear, please let me know.


New Sound: waterfall at Toronto Zoo

I recently added another sound to the site: the sound of a waterfall at the Toronto Zoo. This waterfall has a walkway that allows people to walk behind it, and when we were there last summer I decided to grab a brief audio recording of it.

It's about 46 seconds in length and 988 KB in size, and can be downloaded directly from the Free White Noise Sounds website or from its mirror at Mediafire.  This is one of a handful of previously unreleased sounds that I used in the White Noise Megamix that I posted earlier this week; the others will also be up on the site shortly.  Enjoy!


New Mix: White Noise Megamix

One limitation of the white noise recordings I have made is their brevity.  When I needed to use white noise to rock my baby to sleep, I got around this limitation in two ways: simply looping the sounds on my computer's media player, or making CDs with the same sound played back to back numerous times.  I imagine that anyone who uses my recordings uses one or both of these methods as well (if anyone uses them differently, please let me know, as I'd love to know how these sounds are being used).

While this is fine for making a one-minute recording of a rainstorm or a fan last for hours, sometimes a little variety can be nice, too.  To this end, I once tried making a CD with one sound repeated for about ten minutes, followed by another, then another, etc.  However, this made for some very awkward and sometimes startling transitions between sounds, so I never got much use out of that CD.

Recently, I decided to try using some audio editing software (Audacity, to be precise) to combine a number of white noise recordings into a single, continuous megamix.  Most of the sounds are looped two or three times in order to make them last longer.  Also, new sounds are introduced by gradually fading out the current sound while the next one fades in; this helps to avoid abrupt transitions between sounds.  White Noise Megamix can currently be downloaded from Mediafire, and consists of the following sounds, in sequence:
  • radio static
  • eggs boiling
  • Water Feature Wall (with the sound of a cardinal's call mixed in)
  • beach waves
  • waterfall
  • rainstorm at night
  • rain from inside storage shed
  • rain from inside car
  • spring rainstorm
  • mixer
  • dryer
  • aquarium filter (2 recordings)
  • eggs boiling
  • radio static

The megamix opens and closes with the same radio static sound, with no fades, so the entire thing can be looped very easily; a 3-track CD, for example, could be made for a 70-minute continuous mix.

Most of these sounds are already available on the Free White Noise Sounds website; I'll make sure to get the remaining sounds up soon in case anyone would like to hear them on their own.  The entire megamix clocks in at 23:36 and is a 29.7 MB .wav file.  I hope you enjoy it!

http://www.mediafire.com/file/2qzmzommzzy/White Noise Megamix.wav


New Sound: radio static

This is a short recording of radio static.  It's pretty simple, even for white noise.  The only real story I have to share about it is that this is the sound that I used to lull my baby to sleep for many months.  After trying things like burning CDs with loops of white noise or just looping the noise straight from my computer, I found that the radio static worked best of all.

The sound is just over a minute in length and can be downloaded directly from the Free White Noise Sounds website, or from its mirror at Megaupload.


New Sound: Water Feature Wall

Our local library has a reading garden - a little fenced in area outside the library with lots of trees, benches, tables and chairs, and a little "river" flowing through it.  It's quite a tranquil place to spend some time on a sunny day, and our kids love to walk (or run) around it, hide in the trees, and watch the water flowing by.  One day while our youngest son (the one who had colic as a baby, and who was the whole reason I started recording white noise in the first place) was playing quietly in the garden, I decided to grab a recording of the "Water Feature Wall" - a rock wall that has a few water spouts that empty onto a metal grate covered with smooth rocks.  The recording is about 37 seconds long, and at a couple of points you can hear the clack of rocks as my son was playing around with them.

You can download the sound directly from the Free White Noise Sounds site, or use the mirror at Megaupload.  I hope you enjoy the sound and that it works well for whatever you need it for.