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New Mix: White Noise Megamix

One limitation of the white noise recordings I have made is their brevity.  When I needed to use white noise to rock my baby to sleep, I got around this limitation in two ways: simply looping the sounds on my computer's media player, or making CDs with the same sound played back to back numerous times.  I imagine that anyone who uses my recordings uses one or both of these methods as well (if anyone uses them differently, please let me know, as I'd love to know how these sounds are being used).

While this is fine for making a one-minute recording of a rainstorm or a fan last for hours, sometimes a little variety can be nice, too.  To this end, I once tried making a CD with one sound repeated for about ten minutes, followed by another, then another, etc.  However, this made for some very awkward and sometimes startling transitions between sounds, so I never got much use out of that CD.

Recently, I decided to try using some audio editing software (Audacity, to be precise) to combine a number of white noise recordings into a single, continuous megamix.  Most of the sounds are looped two or three times in order to make them last longer.  Also, new sounds are introduced by gradually fading out the current sound while the next one fades in; this helps to avoid abrupt transitions between sounds.  White Noise Megamix can currently be downloaded from Mediafire, and consists of the following sounds, in sequence:
  • radio static
  • eggs boiling
  • Water Feature Wall (with the sound of a cardinal's call mixed in)
  • beach waves
  • waterfall
  • rainstorm at night
  • rain from inside storage shed
  • rain from inside car
  • spring rainstorm
  • mixer
  • dryer
  • aquarium filter (2 recordings)
  • eggs boiling
  • radio static

The megamix opens and closes with the same radio static sound, with no fades, so the entire thing can be looped very easily; a 3-track CD, for example, could be made for a 70-minute continuous mix.

Most of these sounds are already available on the Free White Noise Sounds website; I'll make sure to get the remaining sounds up soon in case anyone would like to hear them on their own.  The entire megamix clocks in at 23:36 and is a 29.7 MB .wav file.  I hope you enjoy it!

http://www.mediafire.com/file/2qzmzommzzy/White Noise Megamix.wav

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